Do you need a dedicated mobile app, or is a website enough?

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Switch off without losing users

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How iOS 14.5 will impact apps that use analytics, advertising, or tracking

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Include wiki-style links on your site

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Building iOS and Android apps with a single team

Make the most of limited coding sessions

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Why shipping regular updates is good for your development process and more

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For test, production and everything in between

The definitive guide to installing and updating pods

Make unit tests easier to code, review and maintain

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Unit tests are essential for software projects, but they add overhead. In this article, I’m going to talk about how to leverage the builder pattern to make it more efficient for your team to write, review and maintain unit tests. I’ll start by talking about what the pattern is and…

Gabrielle Earnshaw

Mobile app strategy and development. Mobile Subject Matter Expert / Practice Lead at @InfinityWorks, and creator of @Tasktimerappuk and Windsurf Caddy

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