Do you need a dedicated mobile app, or is a website enough?

Mobile has changed the way we interact with products and services. Their always on, always available nature gives your organisation a ready-made channel for customer engagement. These statistics on mobile vs desktop usage in 2020 show that only 29% of global website visits came from desktop browsers, compared to 68%…

How iOS 14.5 will impact apps that use analytics, advertising, or tracking

As a consultant working with customers to develop mobile strategies and build apps, I’ve been watching the new Apple Privacy rules closely. They have been popular with users so far, so they look like they’re here to stay. If your business is built on tracking data, trading tracked data or…

Why shipping regular updates is good for your development process and more

When you’re developing apps, at some point you need to release updates to your users. There are benefits to releasing updates frequently, but there are lots of factors that make it hard to do.

In this article, I’ll explain why it’s good to make regular releases, what can get in…

For test, production and everything in between

When you’re developing iOS and android apps, your primary focus is on getting your apps out to end users. But when you’re making apps commercially, there are many stages they have to go through before they get anywhere near public release, and each stage requires our apps to be distributed…

Gabrielle Earnshaw

Mobile app strategy and development. Mobile Subject Matter Expert / Practice Lead at @InfinityWorks, and creator of @Tasktimerappuk and Windsurf Caddy

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